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HP Designjet Z6200

HP Z6200 Printer

The HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Production Printer available to buy or lease from Select Equipment Consultants Ltd

Speed and versatility combine to offer flexibility and power in the HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Production Printer. Expand offerings to high-quality backlit signs, POP displays, roll-up banners, canvases, and more. Generate custom ICC profiles and achieve color accuracy and consistency with the embedded spectrophotometer.

The HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Production Printer provides power and flexibility with unattended operation, proven performance, and automatic servicing routines that help prevent nozzle clogging and media waste.

key features

  • Turn around orders in record time with this — the fastest printer in its class, and easily meet your client demands with print speeds up to 140 m²/hr (1500 feet²/hr).

  • Print and handle high-quality photo images without losing time

  • Work more productively and comfortably with automated media loading and an ergonomic loading table

  • Differentiate, expand: with the new HP Vivid Photo Inks, your versatile offering includes top photo-quality and exceptionally fade-resistant3 prints

  • Take on tough photo printing challenges with a wide colour gamut enabled by chromatic red ink and uniform gloss

  • Bring in new print jobs offering remarkable black-and-white image quality; create POP displays and impressive backlit signs

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