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Ricoh MP C2004exSP

Ricoh MP C2004exSP

The Ricoh MP C2004exSP available to buy or lease from Select Equipment Consultants Ltd

This A3 colour MFP is designed to cope with the kinds of high-intensity, high-output environment that help your business thrive. And you can rest assured its outstanding efficiency will keep your company moving forward.

With our 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel – which has an impressive touch and swipe interface – every command is intuitive and saves you time. This is combined with banner printing capabilities for high-quality output and a new, improved Intel processor to help you smooth your productivity and speed up jobs.

key features

  • Warm-up time of just 25 seconds and first black and white page out in 5.4 seconds, 7.6 seconds for colour

  • Continuous print spend of 20 pages per minute

  • Standard USB or ethernet connection with option for wireless and bluetooth printing

  • Standard paper size up to A3, with option of SRA3 add on. Max paper weight 300 gsm


Operation is simple with the optional touch and swipe panel is similar to smart phone and tablet devices.

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