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Ricoh MP C8003SP

Ricoh MP-C6503SP

The Ricoh MP C8003SP available to buy or lease from Select Equipment Consultants Ltd

To speed up your productivity our 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel offers an impressive touch and swipe operation, so every function is intuitive and saves you time.

You demand solid reliability, stunning print quality and high-speed output and our technology gives you exactly that, but with the added bonus of eco-friendly features too. High quality finishers and a multi-folding unit can prepare documents in a variety of styles, and efficient document sharing and job-specific apps also combine with extended software capabilities that include integration with our workflow enhancing technologies.

key features

  • Warm-up time of just 38 seconds and first black and white page out in 4.7 seconds, 6.3 seconds for colour

  • Continuous print spend of 80 pages per minute

  • Standard USB or ethernet connection with option for wireless and bluetooth printing

  • Standard paper size up to SRA3, max standard paper weight 256 gsm. 300gsm via Bypass tray


Operation is simple with the optional touch and swipe panel is similar to smart phone and tablet devices.

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